Eugen Atté was founded 1932 in Hamburg and has ever since acted as a green coffee agent with worldwide activities.

The company is owned by 3 partners, Michael Frontzeck, Joachim Taubensee & Sebastian Schober who are actively involved in trading and management of the company.

The workforce at Eugen Atte comprises 8 dedicated members.

The office is located in the ‘Speicherstadt’ area of Hamburg in the heart of the City.

Eugen Atté lays emphasis on establishing close and personal relationships with exporters and producers at coffee origins, the manufacturing industry and the international green coffee trade.
Four traders are constantly in touch with suppliers and coffee buyers to keep up with the changes of the current and future supply/demand situation, price developments and other aspects related to the daily coffee business.

The partners of Eugen Atté GmbH

Michael Frontzeck – started in 1986 in Hamburg as a green coffee broker. In 2006 he joined the team of Eugen Atté GmbH. Next to his main emphasis Ethiopia his activities cover other African origins as well as Vietnam and Indonesia.

Joachim Taubensee – after 13 years with a major German roasting company and training in various producing countries he ran 2 export operations in East-Africa from 1993-1997 for an international trade house and joined Eugen Atté GmbH in 1998. He focusses on Brazil, Central America, China and Africa.

Member of the Trade and Administration

Theo Fassoulas – Trading and fixations, offer lists

Kai Bögel – Trading and fixation, offer lists

Roy Ma – Atte Rep Office Kunming (China), coffee scouring and administration

Sebastian Schober – Fixations, contract and financial administration and logistics

Jörg Penschow – Quality control and sampling

Michaela Schütt – Accounts